Custom Fonts Not Showing Up When I Compile ePub

So, getting publisher fonts in an e-book is a bit tricky:

You’ll have to

  • add the font files to a fonts directory using Sigil (or another e-book editor)
  • declare the presence of the fonts and their variants (bold, italic, bolditalic) in the Stylesheet.
  • Call the font-family from the classes in the stylesheet
  • Check for any encryption of the font files and remove that if it exist (which is illegal, but not relevant in this case)
  • Check for inconsistencies in capitalisation of the file names in the declarations
  • Check for inconsistencies in the capitalisation of the font-family names in the classes
  • Get the path to the font files exactly right (open the e-book in 7-zip to determine the structure of the e-book, no need for renaming to zip)
  • Get the names and paths of the font files right in the Manifest (content.opf)
  • Get the media type of the font files right in the Manifest (different for each type of font)

Pagina EPUB-Checker will provide sensible error messages with line and column numbers.

There’s a lot that can go wrong embedding font in e-books.
And then the reader chooses not to select the Publisher’s fonts in their e-reader options and all this work is moot. :wink:

Nice to have a font of your own handwriting, though.