Custom icon for document template?

Hi-- I’m a relatively new Scrivener Mac user, and I am working with document templates. I have created a template for sketching out scenes as I develop a story, and I’d like to assign a custom icon to the template.

At this point, I create a new document from my ‘Scene Sketch’ template, and then I change the icon for the newly-created document to the ‘Clapper Board’ icon. It’s a two-step process. I’d like to eliminate the second step by assigning the Clapper Board icon to the template itself, so that any new document is created with the Clapper Board icon already in place.

Can that be done in Scrivener Mac 2.7? If so, how do I do it? Thanks for your help.

You should be able to right click on the icon in the template document and replace it with the icon of your choice. After that once you select the template document as the base for a new document the icon should move with it.

Thanks–that worked. I had tried it before but didn’t get the icon menu. I had probably clicked in the wrong part of the template document’s Tile in the Binder

Yes, it’s just the icon part you right-click on, but if you miss, the regular contextual menu does have “Change Icon” as a sub-menu as well.