Custom icons with colour switching feature?


the standard icons in Scrivener come with the handy feature that they can switch colours according to the Label metadata colour. Because I use different icons a lot, e.g. for marking those scenes that are the important plotpoints (example: download/file.php?mode=view&id=6968) I used to make individually coloured icons by myself to match with the Label colours.

However, I wonder if I can create my own icons and still be able to use the built-in Label colour feature so that I would be more flexible and only have to create one icon in the future which then behaves like the standard ones. Do I have to use transparency in certain pixels of my icons or any other colour which then gets replaced in Scrivener according to the Label metadata colour? I tried to spot the standard icons in the program files to investigate how they are built but could not find them. So I think they are binary encoded in the program code, but still, can custom icons with built-in colour switching ability be done?


I don’t have an answer but this is an older question so I wanted to ask if you ever tried doing that?

Yes, with white and transparent, but to no avail. But the answer was given here: