Custom Icons

Do you use them, do you have any that you’d be willing to share, do you make them, and can tell us how to make them too? I am interested in getting my hands on some or learning how to make them myself. If anyone has any insight as to where I can get some or on how to make them, please let me know.


I don’t use custom graphics files for icons anymore, since they’re not supported on iOS, I now rely on “text” icons, either using letters or emoji, which can be most easily accessed inside Scrivener for iOS.

The icons I used to use were found by searching for “favicon” and other criteria to get at the image I wanted. Favicons are the icons found in your web browser’s URL bar on many sites, and often displayed next to bookmarks in browsers as well.

All of the basics should be covered in the user manual, under §7.4.1, Creating Your Own Icons, starting on page 117.

I make most of my custom icons. I prefer that to importing from other sources, as I can more easily match the existing art style myself than hunt for stuff that does.

Here’s one. I use this for items that are basically just links to other things. Either they are strictly title+synopsis with some Bookmarks in the inspector, or the text content of the item is an <$include> tag pointing to some other chunk of text in the binder.
Linked Item.tiff (11.6 KB)