Custom Markup

I’ve tried a number of settings and just can’t get the output I need (See … 57ec16b91c ). I think what would help is a “Custom Markup Format”, that treats each paragraph and character style as raw text, with the prefix/suffix for both the text and paragraph text, very much like the current one, but has the addition of a “document prefix/suffix”, and the ability to add a style for “unstyled text”. Scrivener would then add no extra formatting at all (so no tags, prebuilt headers/footers/prefixes/postfixes, etc.). Embedded images and URLs would need to be handled the same way, with the ability to style them with a prefix/postfix. If there’s a way to do this already, please let me know, but I looked and could not find it.

For the sake of keeping things tidy, I believe this query was posted before I made a larger response to you over in the aforementioned. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you can already do with the compiler. All of the things you’ve requested here are possible, and many more besides.

I would also point you to this thread, wherein I’ve created a prototype project template for LaTeX users. This template will not be creating HTML like you want, but it is fairly complete at this point, in terms of how much of Scrivener’s available rich text tools are converted to LaTeX, and will thus serve as a reference for making one’s own markup generators.