Custom meta-data & outliner issue


I’m experiencing an issue with the outliner when using custom meta-data. When I add meta-data it shows up correctly in the outliner, however, when I delete meta-data from the meta-data settings, the outliner does not only display the columns I selected in the ‘outliner columns’ menu, but it also displays the rest of the columns (all stacked on top of each other). After this, when I go to the ‘outliner columns’ menu, I notice the selected columns are still the same, so even if a column has not been selected in that menu, it’ll show up as soon as I delete custom meta-data.

If I want to hide some of the columns again, I have to select them in the ‘outliner columns’ menu, and then click them again to hide them.

Thanks for your help!

Could you send a screenshot of what you mean by the columns being “all stacked on top of each other”?


I tried to reproduce the bug in a different project and this is what I found:

When I use the Meta-Data Settings screen to add new meta-data, add it to the outliner, go back to the Meta-Data Settings screen and remove the meta-data, everything shows up correctly.

However, when I add meta-data, add it to the outliner and move it to a different position in the outliner and then delete it, it seems to act like all outliner columns have been selected in the View > Outliner Columns menu. But the columns are not selected and if I want to ‘deselect’ the new columns that appear after I delete the meta-data, I have to first ‘select’ them (even though they don’t appear to be selected afterwards) and then deselect them.

I attached a screenshot to show you what I mean. The ‘Created Date’ column is displayed while it has not been selected in the Outliner Columns. When I alter the width of the ‘Created Date’ column the other columns, such as Progress and Target Type, (none of which have been selected in the Outliner Columns menu) show up ‘behind’ it.

Thank you.

Thanks! That set of instructions helped me to reproduce it. I’ll make sure this gets filed.

Meanwhile, you can fix your project settings by deleting the ‘ui.ini’ file from the Settings subfolder in your project, or if you are comfortable editing it directly, then search for “VisibleColumns”. You should see one or more rows (each split can have its own outliner settings), and it should be pretty obvious which one is messed up as it will have a long string of numbers. You can set it back to the default by giving it a value of “0 1 2 3”.