Custom Meta Data pulldown

It would be great to be able to add a pulldown on a custom meta-data we create. Status has the menu that appears in outline (first draft, etc). I would love to be able to create my own custom data and a menu like that to select from. For example, I use the outline to track which characters or themes the scene is about. I would love to have the list of the five or so options there in that column for me to select…and select the twenty scenes that feature “albert” and it autofill those 20 in the outline. Then do the same for the 22 scenes that are about “solving the mystery”.

Make sense?

Thanks. This is on the list for consideration already—so it might pop up in the future along with some other interesting custom meta-data options. The specifics of that haven’t been fully decided yet however, so I can’t say for sure whether this specific aspect will be included in the revamp.