Custom meta-data references / how to refer to the variable

I created a project with:
myarticle - there is a main content of my article.
and few files I refered to in my article (I based on this articles and book in my project):
I added to custom meta-data two constans field like bibliography and footnote.
book1 -> bibliography: J.E. Rover, Tomorrow is too late,, Springer, 2018
book1 -> footnote: J.E. Rover, Chapter I, Hello, Tomorrow is too late, Springer, 2018, page

And I would like to be able to add (and manage of it) in my article:
Put here all bibliography meta-data, sorted from A - Z, from files located in folder X and all subfolders
or more easy case:
Put here the meta-data value from the book1/arcticle 1.
So I think the question is how to refer in content to a value of custom meta - data. Is it possible?

This capability is not present in the stable version, but it is functional (at least partially so, the bit I checked worked) in the public beta. The technique is quite simple: you type in the placeholder (e.g. “<$custom:Bibliography>”) to insert the metadata you desire, select it completely, and then create an internal document link pointing to the item from which you’d like to extract the metadata value.