Custom metadata keeps changing section type (or vice versa??)

I have the following manuscript structure: Folder (chapter name) > Text (subchapter name)
I have a metadata called “sectionName” and have added to all my 8 folders, the value CHAP1, CHAP2… and so on, respectively.
I select my folders to be “Chapter heading” for the section type (right above metadata inspector) and the texts to be “Section”.

These settings are what I need because I config page breaks, <$n variables and title formatting for these section types.

Scrivener keeps changing by its own the section type values from Section to Chapter Heading on texts. Why?

No rly, I’ve uploaded a video,

Its like the app is cursed or something

It’s not possible to tell for certain with the privacy screen, but I bet what’s happening is that when you click on a folder there are things inside that folder that are selected, and these are what you are inspecting? Pay attention to the label at the top of the inspector sidebar, and make sure that what you are intending to modify is selected. The inspector is an editor tool, not a binder tool. It is what you have selected in the editor that matters.

That aside, unless this is a scenario designed to describe the problem, the best way to assign structure in a project is with its default settings, rather than manually selecting a Section Type for each item in the draft folder by hand. Refer to Appendix C.2, Section Types, in the user manual PDF for more information.

Very simply you could make all folders in the Draft assigned to “Chapter heading”, and all text items “Section”, and be done with it (you only need levels for more complicated structures, like part→chapter→section→subsection→etc.

Of course all of those items you’ve manually assigned will remain doing what you set them to. You can easily search for items with a manual Section Type assignment, using Project Search. Set the search mode to “Section Type”, and then search for a simple asterisk (*). This returns all items that “have content”, which in this case means a setting. You can reset everything by using ⌘A in the search result list, right-clicking, and via the Section Type submenu, reset to structure based (or your Project Settings defaults).

Nope. Nothing selected, it was indeed a correct selection and I don’t know what happened. Lost a good couple hours on this yesterday.

I’ve corrected the very weird behavior “manually”:

  • make a new text section in that folder
  • copy the ‘buggy’ text section content to this new one
  • delete that buggy section
  • rename the new one to the old chapter title or whatever name that text section had

I successfully named the section type manually after this.

This is a great insight indeed, thanks.

Ended up doing this to avoid any misconfiguration to the project.

Great great tip. I believe things are working again here. Appreciate your help, thank you.

You’re welcome!

Weird! Well if you have managed to trap the behaviour into a project we could of course take a look at it (and project backup from yesterday might have it). There must be some combination of settings or effects I’m not thinking of at the moment, or maybe there is a bug. With something like this, you might be able to use dummy documents instead of real content (the problem seems to be entirely in UI settings and such). But if you send the original in to tech support we’ll of course keep it confidential and delete all copies once we’ve looked into the problem, upon request.