Custom Metadata Pane

In a forthcoming version/release, would it be possible - I’m unsure how best to put this in words - to have user-defined field widths in the Custom Metadata Pane.

For my law library, my set layout is a triptych - three pane - style arranged as binder and folders/files (on the left), content writing in the middle, and on the right hand side pane. General Metadata (permanently closed), Custom Metadata (permanently open), Keywords (permanently open).

In the custom metadata pane - comprising General Metadata (permanently closed), Custom Metadata (open), Keywords (open) - I have 26 titles whose field type is either text, or checkbox or list or date. For example titles: Court, Citation, PDF. The width of text or checkbox in those examples fields is no more than 10 letters/digits

Currently, each title occupies a full width of the pane on a line of its own so despite having a 27" screen Mac the number of titles I can display without closing the keywords section is limited.

What I’d like to be able to do is put different titles on the same line, next to one another , for example, 'Court, Citation, PDF. That would reduce the number of lines used by each title and enable adding more titles without having them hidden by the keywords panel. I appreciate the keywords panel can be dragged up and down or closed but I want to be able to see all content at a glance.