Custom Metadata Sorting Problem

I have Scrivener 3.0 for Windows 10. I use the custom metadata fields for several things including one list field for location. When I add a new location, I have to just leave it at the bottom. If I move it into proper sort order (I am a little OCD and like to see it in the proper sort so I can find it quickly), it changes the location in the prior chapters. It appears that the list is actually attached to numbers instead of text so when the order changes, the text in that number location updates to the incorrect location. This needs to be fixed so that lists may be sorted as they grow. If there is someway to sort without messing up the prior chapters, please let me know. If have tried several times and have to go back through all the chapters and correct the altered locations.

Yikes! That could be a real problem if you don’t notice it for a while, and forget the original order. It’s been filed as a priority bug fix. Thanks for the report!