Custom Page Numbers

I’m writing a book that has hidden meanings and puzzles for the reader written in. I want to number every page in the third chapter as page “3.”

So basically, if chapter 2 ends on page 35, the next page in the manuscript (and when printing to PDF) is page 3, and the next one is 3. If chapter 3 is 15 pages long, the first page of chapter 4 would be 51. Normal paging returns.

I’m tired, and my GoogleFu is exhausted, so I thought I might ask here and let it bake overnight.

I’m on OSX Catalina, and Scrivener version 3.1.4 from the App store. Thanks in advance for reading and considering.

That’s not going to be the kind of thing Scrivener can do. :slight_smile: You’re going to need to use a page layout oriented program at some point in the process, and that’s going to be something you likely have to do by hand I would guess. There are probably aren’t many features out there that work like that given how unusual it would be.

I’m reminded of Only Revolutions and House of Leaves. I had a chance to chat with the author for a few minutes after a signing, and he told me he wrote those books in InDesign. I can only imagine how much work that would have been!

Thank you for the response!

You can do it perfectly easily in Nisus Writer Pro:

1: Make sure you know the page number of the first page of Chapter 4;
2: Replace any “Page break” at the end of Chapter 2 with “Section Break > Next Page”;
3: Set the section to have a different footer;
4: Highlight the automatically-assigned page number in the footer and overtype it with 3;
5: Go to the last page of Chapter 3 and replace any “Page break” with “Section Break > Next Page”;
6: Move your cursor down into the footer of the first page of Chapter 4;
7: Make sure the section is set to have a different footer;
8: Replace the number 3 with “Insert > Automatic Number > Page Number”;
9: Set the numbering to restart at the number you noted at point 1)

Quicker to do than to type out if you know your way round NWP’s palettes. I’m sure you could do it in Word or LibreOffice, but I don’t use them.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: