Custom Page Size

Can anyone tell me where “View > Page View > Use Custom Page Size” has gone?

And why a workaround of using “File > Page Setup” with a custom paper size of 1100mm x 1780mm makes my page view a million miles wide?

I’m running Scrivener 2.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

This feature was removed to make this whole concept simpler, as it was not often used. Most people preferred using the output dimensions in the editor, or at least were happy with them and had no reason to change. Plus, as you note, there is already a good way of doing this without having separate custom controls: just make a custom paper size.

As for the million mile paper problem, have you verified that the print panel is actually working in mm? In my experience it completely ignores any letters you type in, just stripping it to numerals and assuming inches. That could be a regional setting though, but what I’m saying is, on my system if I type in “1100mm” and hit tab, I get “1100in”, which is 28 metres wide!

Thanks for the reply, Amber. I wasn’t sure whether the menu option should still be there, or if the Preferences>Editor panel shouldn’t still reference it. The current user manual still references the removed View>Page View menu items too.

But it seems no matter what value I place in the print panel (assuming mm, cm, or inches) the result is too big, or requires zooming (where the slightly blurry 11pt text ends up being hard on the eyes). Shame.

I’ve gone back to setting the page size at A4 and adjusting the font size and the “Scrivener” settings within Page Setup to best approximate the average paperback’s 10 words/line and 35 lines/page while I work. Compile will sort it all out at the end!

Many thanks for the help.

Yeah, it was a bit of an unplanned removal, hence the confusion of having preferences still in place and the user manual referring to it. Like I say we did intend to remove it eventually, it just got removed prematurely at this point.

Okay, as for using custom paper sizes to achieve this feature in effect, this should be working, I did test some custom paper sizes when answering this earlier, to make sure there wasn’t a universal problem with units being misinterpreted. What I did was create a custom paper size of 6 by 12 inches (I also set Scrivener’s margins to 1cm). I have my printer set to “Any Printer” so that nothing fancy is done behind my back in compensation for printer limitations.

Next, I enable Page View from the menu, and ensure that “File > Page Setup settings” is selected in the Editor preferences pane. The result I get fits my expectations:

I’m sure this isn’t the problem, as you’d notice the text being far too massive as well, but make sure the editor zoom is not set to something very high.