Custom Preset Problem

Scrivener is, without doubt, very powerful and flexible. However, it simultaneously tries to save you effort while giving you control. Page Breaks (PB) are an excellent example…

  • You can define Separators as a PB.
  • You can toggle the treatment of Sub-Documents to add a PB.
  • You can manually add a PB under “Contents” in the Compiler.
  • All these settings can be save under multiple presets.

So when you get a stray PB in your output you have three things to check in at least two different screens… but you won’t know which Preset to look in because when you press the Compile button it now says “Custom”…

That just means your current settings are custom. They are no longer related to any preset because you’ve changed them, so hunting through existing presets to find the page break probably isn’t the best course of action anyway. The only thing that matters are the settings right in front of you, not what might happen if you apply a preset. Perhaps I do not understand what it is you are going for, however.