custom presets don't save/restore front matter data

I have three custom presets for “EPUB”, “Kindle”, and “CreateSpace PDF”. Each of these preset use a different set of “front matter”, but when I change from one custom preset to another, the front matter data does not change and has to be reset manually each time. Why is this data not being saved as part of the preset?

I presume you’re going into manage compile presets and hitting ‘update’ before switching to another preset, right? If you’re just saving the preset by holding alt (so the compile button becomes a save button) than it might not be storing the updates to the preset in the preset itself.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but basically, what you should be doing (and apologies if you are doing this already) is this:

  1. Make changes to preset
  2. Go to ‘format as:’ and select ‘manage compile format presets…’ at the bottom
  3. Select the preset you are intending to update (or hit + to add a new one from your current compile settings)
  4. Hit ‘update…’ and confirm

Yep, that is exactly what have done. They have all been saved for some time and the front matter data is the only part that doesn’t seem to get saved.

That is correct. Project details such as which folder in the Binder to use as front matter are not saved into presets, since they can be applied to other projects.

I know they aren’t saved, but I believe that I should at least have the option to save this info in my preset.

It’s something we already have on the table for consideration, but it will likely not even be thought about until compile in general is re-examined for overhaul in the indeterminate future. In the current implementation, presets were not designed to do anything beyond transferring compile settings from one project to another. Their role has been gradually expanded, and more specific project data has been added to the compile pane as well over time. So it is something we are aware of.