Custom Project Templates

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I’m after some advice regarding project templates. Basically I want to slightly edit the template of the Stage Play (UK) format, so the scene action no longer capitalized.

Is this something that can be easily achieved? I’ve searched online but can’t find an answer to this

Yes, that’s really easy to do, you don’t have to modify the project template unless you want to though. Go into the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings… panel, select the Scene Action element from the left list, and then disable the “All caps” setting in that first customisation tab.

That will cause this project to use these settings going forward (you will need to fix any all cap lines that have already been typed in). If you would like to save your modifications to your own scriptwriting format, use the Manage… button along the bottom of that panel. Saving it so other projects can use it will add the script to the scriptwriting menu.

As mentioned, you don’t have to make your own template (especially given that you can create a scripting preset and apply it easily to any new project in the future), but if you’d like to, here are the basic steps:

  1. Create a temporary project using the template you wish to modify. I recommend holding down the Option key when clicking on the “Choose” button, before being asked where to save the project. This will cause any placeholders in the template to remain as placeholders, instead of turning into information. For example <$template_fullName> on the title page will not be converted to your name as it ordinarily would.
  2. Make the desired changes to the project. Everything is open to you here. You can make your own starter content in the binder, change script settings, compile settings, window shape and layout, everything about this project will be frozen into a template.
  3. Once you’re done, use the File/Save as Template… menu command.

You might find the following sections in the user manual to be useful as a reference:

  • §6.10, Templates, pg. 49. Specifically starting on page 51 you’ll find instructions for creating your own templates.
  • §20.7, Creating Your Own Script Formats, pg. 286.