Custom section separator height


I’m exporting to PDF. I want to use a custom image as a section separator, but I don’t know what the ideal height should be. It seems to throw off the height of the page so that their are different heights (the bottom lines don’t match).

Does anyone have any advice on this? I can’t see a setting for the leading, or even to tell me what the standard leading would be so that I could approximate it in pixels.



Wouldn’t you just set it to a multiple of whatever your line height is?


Hi Katherine,

So my line height as in double spacing, single spacing, etc? Is that what you mean?


Well, it will be a number of points based on your font size, but yes, that’s the basic idea.


My text is 10pt, and my line spacing is 1.0. Is this what you mean by line height? How would this translate into pixels?

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Translating Font Size and Pixels is more complex than you realise and frankly has little to do with Scrivener other than you are using the tool to make Pixels out of text with Font Sizes.

Lots of articles on the web, e.g. see plus so many others.

Thanks RMS.

Yes, I found some of those links, but approximating the font size in pixels doesn’t seem to work, which is why I’m here. There is also the question of how to adjust for bigger images than custom separators - such as graphics for chapter headings - and bigger font sizes.

My issue is that I don’t know how Scrivener treats images. Does it apply “leading” above and below? If so, what is the default leading? I can’t seem to find it.

I appreciate these are complex issues, but since most people use Scrivener to export to some format, then I’d assumed this would be a problem that others would have come across (and hopefully resolved).

Or do people simply export to other software for this stage? If so, which?

Scrivener’s handling of images is discussed in detail in Section 15.7 of the manual.

It adds no additional leading beyond what the text format supplies. That is, the amount of space between the bottom of an image and the top of the text line below it will be exactly the same as between two lines of text.

Generally speaking, if you need that level of control over your output layout, it is probably time to transition to a dedicated page layout tool.


Thanks, Katherine.

Actually, I think that’s solved it. I’ve started to get my head around the leading (which is a rabbit hole), and together with your comments I’ve been able to adjust the image sizes to fit. I didn’t reallise that images were measured in points in Scrivener, and not pixels. So realising that helped!

I appreciate that all this could be more finely handled in (e.g.) InDesign, but if I can get Scrivener to do what I want, then I’d rather to that that export it all into a fresh ID file. Anyway, as I said, all good - for now, anyway… :slight_smile:

Points are a fixed dimension, like inches or centimeters, while the size of a pixel depends on the resolution of the output device,