Custom Separator not working.

This is too simple, so I must be overlooking the trees for the forest.

I am simply trying to insert a temporary separator (######) between text documents compiled as plain text. This is as a sync for a proofreading program that I use. When the book is compiled as a Kindle book they would be removed from that compile.

But they don’t get inserted. I doubt that it is a bug since my search doesn’t find nobody else with the problem in this forum.


I select Format as -> Custom
Text Separator Custom ######

Then compile. But the five pound signs don’t show up in the book.txt file. Or in the .mobi file if I recompile it for that format.

Attached is a screen shot of what I select.


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Doesn’t work on a different machine either. So I have to be doing something wrong.

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More testing. I started a new project, then moved all the folders and text files to it from the one that would not compile separators. Now the new project adds separators as it should.

So… I have a box checked wrongly somewhere in preferences? That would not be a global parameter since a new project works - it would have to be linked to that particular project.

The .scriv file is corrupt? Moon in the wrong phase? Or ???

The problem is fixed, but I would sure like to know whats up. First problem I have had with Scrivener in thousands of pages of composing.

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Ok. Lots of playing with a test document found the reason. On a custom compile, if the Pg Break Before box is checked for the page of a document, the Separator function is made inactive for that page. Don’t know if that is a bug or if it is designed to work that way. I can find no discussion of it in any help text (note that I am saying that I didn’t find any, not that it might not be there.) I don’t know why it would be made to work that way, but maybe a Scriv person will know.

Just a note on that, there is no need to continually reselect a preset (or in this case, the lack thereof). Merely changing a setting in compile will cause things to go from preset to “Custom”, so in this case selecting “Custom” merely loads the settings you were using when Compile was last loaded.

Yes that is just how it works, a document has the ability to place a separator before it, and by default it will use the setting in the Separators panel that is appropriate for what is around that file, but if you select the “Page Break Before” checkbox then you are declaring that you want a page break separator for that item no matter what its settings would otherwise print, and naturally you can only have one type of separator per document.

Ok. Now that I know what is happening I can set it to what I need - separators for the proof reader, then back to page breaks for the .mobi file. I guess my problem was that I didn’t consider a page break to be a separator.