Custom separators - image placeholders?


Do custom separators for the compile using $img or similar work in the windows version of scrivener? Or is there any other way of inserting graphics between adjacent blocks.

If so can you please give an example?


The <$img> placeholder tag isn’t available on Windows, but you may be able to achieve the effect you want by simply creating a divider in the project binder and then duplicating that to wherever you want it in the manuscript. Make a new blank text document, insert your image, centre it (remove the first-line indent if you have one), and then in the inspector mark the document to compile as-is. Then use Ctrl+D to duplicate the document and place it wherever you want the image divider between documents. To simplify that, you could make a document template folder in your binder and place the image divider document there, so you can use Add > New From Template to replicate the document wherever you want it. Then in compile, use a Single Return separator between the documents, or empty line if you want additional space.