Custom Separators in Compiling--Unusual Behavior

I want to use a star as a custom separator while compiling, specifically Unicode U+2756.
I copied and pasted the symbol into the custom separator radio box in all the fields (text, folder, etc.)
The result is as the first image shown here:

Obviously this is unacceptable.

I then substituted four crosshatches (#) in lieu of the Unicode symbol and deleted the Unicode symbol.
Unfortunately, the unwanted Unicode reference text remains as in the second picture shown here:

  1. What is the proper procedure for adding a Unicode symbol as a separator, given that pasting the symbol does not work properly?
  2. How do I remove the unwanted Unicode reference text?
  3. [meta] Is there a way to insert pictures here directly?

Custom separators can be applied now by section layout and by default. Is the section layout that is being used for your documents using the correct separator? When you open Compile, you get a preview in the centre column showing how your text will look. What do the separators look like there?

It looks like whatever you used to copy the character included a bunch of metadata for the character as well, in a multi-line output. Seperators can be multi-line, but the field itself is only one line. My guess is that when you replaced the character with hashes, you only replaced the first line.

To fix:

  1. Paste the Unicode into a regular editor somewhere so you can just copy the actual character.
  2. When fixing the separators panes, hit Cmd-A to ensure you are replacing all of the data in the field with the character, and paste.