Custom Spelling Dictionaries?

Something I’ve always liked with ClarisWorks/AppleWorks/Microsoft Word are the custom dictionaries. Reason is, for each “world” I write in, I can make another dictionary so things that are words in one world aren’t treated as words when I’m writing in another world.

I also tend to use multiple languages in my works. My current major WIP is mostly English, true, but characters also use Italian, Spanish, and a bit of Japanese. It’s another reason I like custom dictionaries, so I don’t have to hit “ignore” every time I come across the foreign words.

I realize this likely isn’t feasible since Scrivener uses Mac OS X’s innate dictionaries, but I wanted to at least put it out there as an idea. :slight_smile:

(Sorry if it’s already been mentioned; I didn’t see it in the search I ran.)


If by custom dictionary, all you mean is the ability to add works to the spelling engine which will be ignored in the future, you can certainly already do this. Just right click on the character name or whatever the case may be, and choose “Learn Spelling”. It should be just right below “Ignore Word”.

I mean having multiple user dictionaries, so the “learn” function doesn’t change the dictionary for ALL documents.

Does that make better sense?

Okay, probably not in the way you are thinking. Sure, you can access your word files in the Library/Spelling folder, but managing these would have to be a manual process of duplication and rotation of file names. Creating a copy for one project, renaming it to ‘en’ or whatever, and then when done with it, renaming it to ‘en-projectname’ and the original back to ‘en’. So you can have custom lists, but isn’t something governed up front by the OS X spelling system. There might be a third-party tool to help with this. I know I’ve seen one for manually adding and removing words to the list.