Custom tab leaders

Hey everyone,

Still really enjoying using Scrivener for my work! As part of this I take down notes from books, and the way I’ve liked to do this goes something like this:

Page no. and Note are separated by a tab, and the ------- is a custom tab leader. I have done a search around, but is there a way to set custom leaders stops in Scrivener?

This is only a really minor thing; obviously I can get on fine if this isn’t possible. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance,


If I understand you correctly, this should not be a problem. In fact, you can either set these tabs up as a global default for all of your projects, or just on a per-document basis.

To set the tabs for a single document, press Cmd-R to access the Ruler. Once you have them arranged the way you like, you can use the Styles drop-down in the ruler to save those settings and make them instantly accessible in the future.

To change the way Scrivener works in general, visit the Text Editing tab, in Preferences. You’ll see an identical ruler with an example text. If you already saved your tab stops as a style, you can apply that style immediately and you are done.

Cheers Amber—there are always such quick and helpful replies on this forum!

Thank you for pointing out those features about the ruler. That’s certainly very useful to know.

I’m afraid, though, I may not have expressed myself very clearly. The thing I was after was a way to get a custom gap, if you like, between tabs (I think tab leader is the right terminology, but I’m not sure). So in my example, instead of having just a white space between the Page No. and the Note, there would be a series of dashes instead. To compare:

So, in the second case, the gap between the tabs is not just a space. I suppose it would be a bit like what you see in the Contents sections of some books, where the page number for the entry is separated from the actual title by some dashes.

No worries if this isn’t possible, it may well be more of a post-production functionality, not what Scrivener is aiming towards, but I would welcome your continuing suggestions about whether this is possible.

Thanks again,


Ah! Understand what you are getting at, and yes I believe that is the proper term. I just haven’t messed with format in so long that I forgot. Right, there is no way to do that with OS X’s ruler that I know of.

OK, no worries. Thanks very much for your help and investigations, Amber.