Custom template not showing on one device

I have Scrivener 3.3.6 on both my Mac and my Macbook Pro. Mac is Ventura 13.4, and Macbook is Sonoma 14.0. (Mac is too old to update to Sonoma.) All of my files are in Dropbox. My content and settings are synced between the two devices.

I created a template on my desktop, and I can see it there, but it’s not showing up on my laptop. How can I fix this?

When you say you’ve got a ‘custom template’, do you mean a Project Template?

They are kept in a ‘hidden’ folder on each device (~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Templates to be exact, so they are not automatically synced between devices, even if you are syncing your projects.

If you have saved the desktop template to a folder in Dropbox, then the easiest way to get it into the correct folder on the laptop is to go to ‘New Project’ from within Scrivener, and then click on ‘Options’ then ‘Import templates…’ You can then navigate to the Dropbox folder and choose your customised template. It will then appear in the New Project dialogue box in the way you’d expect.

Another way is to use the Reveal Support Folder in Finder command on Scrivener’s Scrivener menu, and then you could just drag and drop your customised template into the Templates folder.

NB: neither of these methods will sync the templates, so you’ll have to update them both manually when you change them.


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Thank you for the instructions! I have it working now.

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