custom template--short story series

I downloaded Scrivener yesterday and am still on the free trial, but I am definitely going to buy a registration code once my trial starts drawing to a close. I already love this software.

Since I write short stories that are published standalone but belong in various series and will eventually become parts of series anthologies, the first thing I did after reading the manual is create a brand new template called “Short Story Series.” The template contains folders and text documents for general series notes; formatting blanks for Smashwords, Lulu and Amazon in terms of title page, copyright page and ending; master story file texts for each story; a folder for the life chronologies of each major recurring character; plot outline texts for each story; site-formatted texts for each story depending on distributor, and so on. If anyone wishes to look at it and comment, you’re most welcome to. Just tell me how to get it to you. Note that the personal information in the template is NOT confidential. If it’s required that I remove it before sharing the template here, I can.

Always good to see how someone lays out their projects.

Why not raise a new topic in the “Zen of Scrivener” section of the forum and attach a blank template in there.

Thanks for directing me to that forum. I’m new here and didn’t find it.