Custom Templates keep deleting by themselves

I love using Scrivener, but this is really the breaking point. Recently, for a reason I don’t really understand, my templates keep erasing themselves. First, I thought it was because I was using the trial version, so I went and bought the full version that I use on Windows 8.1. That didn’t help. So then I figured it must be because I downloaded these templates online, so I went and manually made the templates myself, which was very time consuming. No dice. Thankfully, the projects I’ve been working on aren’t deleted, but I don’t like starting a new project only to have the templates I use to be blank.

This doesn’t sound familiar, so could I ask you for some more specifics? I gather that the project templates themselves appear in the template chooser and can be used for creating a new project, but what exactly are you seeing at that point when the new project loads? Does “blank” mean that files which should have text appearing in the editor do not, or do you mean the binder itself is empty? Any details or even comparison screenshots that you could provide to describe this a bit more would help. Are you ever able to successfully create a new project from one of the custom templates (i.e. nothing is missing), or does this occur for every imported or newly saved custom template from the first?

Here’s an imigur album that shows what’s going on:

So is anyone gonna help me or what?

It looks like a problem in either reading the template or saving the new project. I’d try reinstalling Scrivener, since the most likely cause is that some of its libraries were removed or corrupted. Your projects, templates, etc. are all saved separately from program files, so reinstalling won’t affect them. If you uninstall first, it will clear your “Recent Projects” menu, meaning you will need to use the Open Existing Project option to navigate to your projects rather than loading from the Recent Projects, and your program preferences will be reset; you can save them first via the “Manage…” button in Tools > Options and reload from there after reinstalling.

Your custom templates should all appear in the template chooser after the reinstall, so give them a try after the reinstall and see if the project is created correctly.