Custom Text Color Icons on Toolbar

When I am reading something, or going over notes I find it very useful to highlight passages by changing the text color to Blue, Cayenne or Green. In Nisus Writer Pro I can create custom tool bar items and just click the icon to change the text color.

It would be nice (though of course not essential) if I could do this in Scrivener as well.
I know there is a text color box in the Formatting toolbar and I use this. But it takes several more minor steps to get a different color (hold the cursor on the box, move to submenu that appears) and it would be nice if I could just click (I also know that you can bring the Mac Default Color palette up).

It might be useful more generally if it were possible to add commands other than the ones provided to the tool bar.

Great program.

Two points: one is that you can right-click to get to the colour palette immediately, so you don’t have to hold down and wait unless you really want to. Unfortunately the new pop-over design removed the ability to tap the first letter of the menu name for the colour you wanted. Perhaps that is something that could be improved. Second point would be revision mode. By default this isn’t wired up with keyboard shortcuts, though that is easily changed and it works nicely. For example I have Ctrl-1 through 5 set to change to a respective revision level. Tapping Ctrl-2 activates the second level (blue), and tapping it again turns it off. While in revision mode anything you type in or overstrike will be marked out in that colour. While using a revision level, the “Mark Revised” menu item activates on selections. So you can set up a shortcut for that, then select and mark text ranges as necessary. That might not work specifically for what you are describing though, as it is more a change capturing tool than a marking tool. It would still take two steps to mark something green. Ctrl-3/Ctrl-R, for instance. All in all, a bit more keyboard friendly of an answer than you might have wanted, but I figured I would share some tips with what can already be done.