Custom Text scale

In Full screen view I would like the text scale to be a number that is not in the list (for example 300%) - can I do this?



Afraid not - only what is in the list is available.
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I very strongly second the request for custom text scale. Or, as a more humble request, just the addition of 300% There is an enormous difference between 200 and 400 percent, and 300 would be a real sweet spot for me.

Thanks for listening!

On the other hand, I just realized that I can get this same effect by adjusting the actual font size to either smaller or bigger than normal. I’m satisfied :slight_smile:

300% is coming in 2.0 anyway. :slight_smile:

Any reason you can’t have a more flexible text view size ?

I tend to view text anywhere between 120-145% larger. If i set my fonts in a doc,often 140% is the optimum size for my current eye-sight ability in terms of strain-free eye-sight and therefore my ability to do longer hours on the pc monitor. I’d say text size is pretty important factor for writing apps because of the way eye sight weakens over time as one gets older.

I dont like to alter the actual text size in the doc to achieve this function for obvious reasons.
Allowing for an ‘other’ % option would allow anyone to custom the text view size to any % they were used to Any reason you do not wish do add this ? I note it can be done in Appleworks so it is possible in the Mac environment.


It’s not that I “don’t want” to do this; it’s all to do with development time + payoff, and maintaining custom scales is more complicated than maintaining preset scales. Although this won’t make the 2.0 list, I’ll happily consider it post 2.0.

Twinkerzzz, just curious: are you avoiding making any changes to the actual text size for the “obvious” reason that you print directly from Scrivener a lot? Because if you’re not printing from Scrivener, I don’t see why changing the font size would be a problem. Since the size of the font in a compiled draft can be set to be completely different from the one you use when writing in Scrivener, why not have your text whatever size you want for on-screen display purposes? I have mine set to 17-point, which is rather huge, but it works for me :slight_smile:

Even if you do print a lot, perhaps taking the extra step of compiling your manuscript and printing from a word processor might be worth it if you want to get the on-screen display of text comfortable for you.

yes - when i started exploring scrivener i found doing what you say seemed the only option.

But it’s limiting where i might be knocking out printouts from Scrivener for short text pieces which is useful as well as copy / paste of text into other word processing apps - examples might be letters that i may have drafted and kept as part of a scrivener project or short articles i want to revise whilst having a bath etc.

It’s a point about elegancy and design. Rather than go into prefs several times and mess about with font size - there’s something reassuring about knowing that an app can set font size in the conventional way and then leave well alone so it’s ready and compatible at any point with the kind of activity such as i describe above as well as exportable within the end compiling draft process.

In my mind, that whole area of default font size isn’t synonymous with the text view size. If anything, in terms of design, it’s a mistake to correlate the two because it can lead to print errors. The setting of the font size is often prescribed by who you’re writing for or remains a fairly constant element. Text view size is utterly personal, may constantly change and is linked with very long term pc based work habits associated with the state of one’s eyes at any given point in time.

Concerns over technicalities like output settings should become streamlined so you only consider them at the start of any project and at the end. In between, one is left free to focus only on the text substance and meaning. Even this process may require different text view size. For example if i’m proofing something at 2am i increase the text size dramatically because then i don’t miss a thing. However if it’s 3pm and my mind is sharp i may have the font view size at 140%. Scrivener text view size utility nearly has that ability - it’s just it doesnt allow for that tailored exactness of text view size which comes with the ‘custom’ option.

Consequently my views see a built in in-elgancy about the loss of control and compromise of the current text view size workaround. If the ‘custom’ view size option is too big a development project to take on, increasing the fixed text view size options between the 100% - 200% range would allow you to accommodate those like myself who are beyond the myopic and into the hypermetropic - presbyopic eye sight ranges which of course is what lies at the heart of this discussion. Spectacle lenses have to be accurate by a minute fraction of a concave / convex angle to produce accurate strain free sight correction and even then you may require to alter to different lens strengths from year to year . I think that text view size has the same logic. The more accurate it can be for the viewer, the longer one can work (and think) without suffering strain in the eye.

Blimey, that’s a long post about a small feature that has never bothered anybody before. :slight_smile: As I say, remind me post-2.0 and I’ll revisit it.

yes - sorry - but it’s all said and none now. I sometimes think the digital generation have no clue as to what growing old will be like - in 10-15-20 years time you might experience what i’m referring to if you’re still developing scrivener !

thanks & will do at some point - re a post-2.0 reminder …


Ha - at this rate of staring at my screen my eyes will be gone long before then. :slight_smile: I do agree with you that it should have a custom text scale option, by the way - it’s just one of those things I think, “I’ll just do that - that won’t take long” and then it ends up taking two days, and I’ve had to knock all of those things down to 2.1, 2.2 etc just so that I ever get 2.0 finished. I have added it to my list for 2.1 anyway, but it’s always worth reminding me down the line, after 2.0 has been out a little while and the initial quirks ironed out.
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