Custom URL Handler (Scrivener Links outside of Scrivener)

It would be nice to use Scrivener Links outside of Scrivener. What I envision is similar to the way that DevonThink provides custom URLs for the documents stored or indexed in it’s databases. Sample code for registering a custom URL event handler and for grabbing custom URL contents is available at … URLHandler. However, without knowing how Scrivener Links are handled internally (e.g., whether the data identifying the target of a Scrivener Link exists independently of the link or is created when the link is created), I couldn’t say how easy (or difficult) this would be to implement.

I’m hoping for easy.

To get an idea of why this would be useful to me, please see: for an academic writer’s use of custom URLs to create links between items in a PDF’s Skim notes, a DevonThink database, and a personal MediWiki. I am looking to do some similar cross-linking between Scrivener, DevonThink, Skim, and BibDesk.

Please remember that this feature should now be cross-platform. I think this can also be done on Windows, although I’ve never done anything like that myself. What about iOS?