Customise Inspector to Display Synopsis, Notes, and Keywords

Is there a way to customise the Inspector sidebar so that the Synopsis card, Notes, and Keywords pane are displayed on the sidebar at the same time? Thanks.

Make the Synopsis/Notes panel visible, then hit Win-Shift-K to open a separate Keywords panel window.

I cannot speak for the OP, but that shows all the keywords, not the keywords applied to the selected document, which is what opening the keywords in the inspector would show.

Also, if you’re using the version 1 keyboard shortcuts, it’s CTRL+SHIFT+O.

There isn’t a way to customise the Inspector like that.

What you can do though, is customise a Quick Reference window for a specific document to show the editor and one of the Inspector panels

The downside for this is that the QR window is only for that specific document – unlike the inspector, it won’t change as you scroll through the document. If you want to see the information for multiple documents then your best bet is to create a custom layout with Outline View + editor, like this (which is based on the 3 pane Outline layout, with modified columns and the Binder hidden.)

The Right Editor and inspector panels will all change as you select a document in the left outline. Once you’ve set it up properly you can save this layout for future use. (You can also swap the positions of outline and editor of course if that’s useful).



Thanks, Charlson, for helping clarify my question.

Thanks, Brookter. Perhaps someday there will be a more direct way.

I must applaud this as a quite elegant solution!

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