Customised Menus?

I would dearly like to be able to modify entries in the Tools > Writing Tools menu - particularly the search engine used (I find it an imposition to be forced to use Google).

Is this currently possible?


Not officially, but you can hack your version to do it, as I prove by changing the dictionary and thesaurus in this website post: … scrivener/

I feel the same way, and I appreciate Pigfender’s method for customizing the Writing Tools submenu (even though I am not currently using it.)

Going beyond that, however, I think all of Scrivener’s menus should be customizable, with the ability to arrange commands as one pleases – in any order, on any menu, and with any accelerator key.

Menu, keyboard, and toolbar customization needs to be recognized as a first-order capability of modern software, rather than a secondary class of functionality.

Many thanks for the tip, pigfender - it’s been many years since I tried my hand with a hex editor…

It’s going to be a while before I can get to it… Weeks probably… But if you let me know what sites you’d like to have linked to in the writing tools then I can look at it for you.

I won’t go as far as MGD – that would be impossible! – but menu sequences for every function that can support them, with unique accelerator keys, should be the norm. Inspector is the poster child; it now has six tabs and three toggles that can be reached only by fine motor skills on the mouse.