Customising editor preferences

I’ve had Scrivener for a couple of weeks now and I’m getting the hang of it and enjoying it and all that.

But basically I think I’ve decided how I want my layout to be, but I’m having trouble keeping it that way.

I have the screen set up so it goes:
|Binder|Text Editor|Outliner|Inspector

What I’d like is for any file or folder I click in the Binder to automatically open in the Text Editor. Under View > Binder Affects, I can select Left Editor which does the trick, but this seems to reset to Current Editor every time I close and reopen Scrivener.

I’ve also seen suggestions that I lock the Outliner editor and go to Options > Navigation and select something along the lines of “Open in other editor when editor is locked”, but I don’t have that option. I guess it’s been phased out, or is only in the Mac version, or something?

Another possible solution I thought of would be if there’s a way to introduce a modifier key for the mouse - so I could, say, hold Ctrl while clicking/double-clicking a folder or file and it would open in the left editor (Text Editor), but if I hold down Alt while clicking/double-clicking, it opens in the right editor (Outliner). But I don’t know if this is possible.

I’d also quite like if I could make it so that if I double click on a folder or file icon in the Outliner, it always opens as a Scrivening/set of Scrivenings in the left editor, but this isn’t as essential.

I know I can do Ctrl+Alt+Enter to open it in the left editor but this means I have to click it with the mouse and THEN do the keyboard shortcut, whereas ideally I’d be able to do it with a single or double click.
Basically any way to ensure files I click in the binder will always open in the text editor on the left!

Thanks in advance.

“Basically any way to ensure files I click in the binder will always open in the text editor on the left!”
Yes just click left mouse once anywhere in the left text editor window you have up to give it focus, one mouse click is surely quicker than load of hotkeys- or am I missing something…

Sure, that’s basically the way I have to do it at the moment.

But for me I know I’ll always want the binder to open its files in the left editor for text editing, even if I’ve been messing about with structure in the Outliner. I would just want it so that if I’m scrolling up and down the binder and find the file I want to edit, I can just click it right away instead of mousing over to the left editor to focus it, then back to the file. Whereas holding a modifier down is fine because I’m doing that with my left hand on the keyboard and the mouse pointer doesn’t need to move away from the file in the binder.

Does that make sense? It is the height of laziness, I know.

But really I’m just looking for some way to make the “Binder affects > Left Editor” option a permanent selection, instead of it reverting to “Current Editor” every time I open Scrivener back up.