Customising Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m trying to set a custom keyboard shortcut for “insert > line break”. I’d like to be able to press Shift and Enter for this, because it’s what I’m accustomed to from so many other writing programs.

I looked it up in the manual, and on Page 420 it says how to do it. I entered the name of the command exactly as “Line Break” as instructed, but it doesn’t seem able to accept shift and enter as a key command. I can set other things, but not that.

Is there a way to do this?

No, there is not a way to change this because the OS X keyboard customisation tool does not accept Shift-Return as a valid shortcut. We did have this as a built-in shortcut for a while, but it was removed after frequent “bug reports” came in, regarding broken paragraph formatting in the output. It turns out a lot of people hold down the Shift key too long, or start pressing it in anticipation of the first word in the next paragraph, and end up inserting line breaks instead of paragraph breaks into their drafts. Ctrl-Return works, as does the listed Opt-Cmd-Return.