Customising the corkboard - yay...

It was such a treat of you to add this feature Keith,
I absolutely love to be able to change the backgorund picture of the corkboard. I am a very visual person and this really helps to stimulate creativity (well, that’s what I think at least).

Right now I am using a slightly colour tinted version of this image

By the way is a great resource if you are looking for tilable backgrounds to customise the look of Scrivener.

Yay, this is fun…

Heh, maybe we can have some screenshots of the most interesting corkboard setups? :slight_smile:

Oooo, pretty!

Yay, that’s somewhat what I was hoping for, show us all how pretty YOUR Scrivener is :slight_smile:

Amber, pretty indeed!

What font are you using for the cards’ titles, out of interest?

That is Asturias in the title, and Cyan in the text.

Yeah, thank you very much for yet another way of procrastination. :imp: I was gonna start my new novel today. Now I´m clicking through backgrounds…

We deeply apologise. :wink: