Customize contextual menu

Everybody’s different so let everybody choose.

That would be enormously complicated and it’s not something you really see on OS X.

Fair enough
Still grieving over the relegation of Dictionary from top level to nested.
Thanks for looking anyway.

Me too. It irritates me every time I go for it, which is every two or three minutes. I wish I could go back to the previous version. SmallIrritant x ManyOftenTimes = BigIrritant. Grrr.

1.54 is available for download from the Support page, so you could if you really wanted to. You’d have to copy over everything from your 2.0 projects since you can’t downgrade a project (and if you use custom meta-data you’d have to put that somewhere else), but it’s certainly doable.

See also: the dictionary button that you can add to the toolbar.

Ctrl-cmd-D over a word also works very nicely. But yes, you can go back to the previous version if this really bugs you that much, although it will take a bit of effort and 1.54 isn’t guaranteed to work on Lion.

Oh wow, thanks for the hints. I’d already done the dictionary button on the toolbar, but I’m getting old and I keep forgetting it’s up there.

The Ctl-cmd-D reminds me of when I tried to play Charles Ives on the piano, not having hands like Lurch I ended up using my nose for certain passages. But your suggestion did lead me to something I like even better than the old contextual menu. OS X lets me create my own keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener, so I added a simple cmd-D that brings Dictionary up just the way I like it.

I love Scrivener again. Oh frabjous day!

Sorry, I should have suggested that as well, d’oh. Glad you found a solution that works well for you.

All the best,