Customize Full Screen HUD?

Hi. Is it possible to customize the full screen HUD, the same way you can customize the toolbar that appears in non-full screen mode?

What I would like to do specifically is add a few of my favorite items - like font color - to the full screen HUD, so that I can quickly implement them without leaving full screen mode. I have memorized the keyboard shortcut for the one I use the most - i.e., font color again - but I would still be happier if I could access a few of my favorite icons just by going to the full screen HUD at the bottom.

If there’s a way to do this I can’t find it or figure it out. If this is not currently possible, any chance it could become possible in a future version of Scrivener? It would help me out a lot - I prefer to work in full screen mode whenever possible, and like to use different colors of text to flag things that need special attention of various kinds on editing.



No, there’s no way of doing this and no plans for anything like this, sorry. The control bar at the bottom of full screen isn’t intended to be anything like the toolbar in the main window. The toolbar is a standard OS X control, and one of the main features of full screen mode is that the toolbar isn’t available. :slight_smile: It would be a bit odd for me to spend weeks reproducing Apple’s toolbar code just to have it appear in a different place, really. Remember that the entire menu is available in full screen mode if you move the cursor to the top of the screen, though.

All the best,

As far as text color, you can open the color palette with cmd-shift-C and just leave it open while in full screen mode, if you like. To color your text then you just have to click the color in the palette and voila.

Thanks, Keith and MM.

I did know the shortcut for opening the color palette, but I actually hadn’t realized that you could get the whole menu bar while in full screen (I never ran my cursor up to the top of the screen, I guess). So between those 2 things I guess I’ll get by. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!