Customize Scrivener interface

First of all, I would like to point out that I searched the forum if the question had already been asked, but I found nothing (sorry if this has been done).

I would like to know if it’s intended to “simplify” Scrivener’s interface ? Because I don’t know if I am the only one, but blue gradients of the menus bother me much :unamused: Worse, they disturb me when I work (find them really too kitsch). So… Will it be possible in a future release to choose the colors of different parts of the interface (And also - why not ? - to allow to slightly reduce the size of the so huUuge menu icons) ?

This screenshot shows, for example, Scrivener with white menus + smaller icons. I love :slight_smile:

I realize that it must seem, for many, very minor point considering all the improvements still to integrate. But I guess that this possibility is relatively easy to integrate for developers, and that it would allow everyone to customize his own work environment… what would please everyone, no ?

Thanks in advance to take this request into consideration.
And “salut” from France :wink:

Up ! :blush:

I was also wanting to customise some aspects of Scrivener, and I found your unanswered post. Just wondering, because I wasn’t clear from the description you gave, have you already changed the appearance using options such as Tools > Options > Appearance > Colors > Binder Background or also changing font size via those options?

Seems to me on Windows that I can do most of the things you asked for except for changing the icon size.

You can change them now. Tools->Options->Appearance contains all of the color settings you can change. Among them, the General->Binder Background color, which I see you already changed.

As for the toolbar icons, I don’t think they can be reduced. But you can right-click on the toolbar and click on “Main Toolbar” in the pop-up menu to hide it. Right-click on the menu bar to re-select it.