Customize short story compilation?

I have used the short story compilation > .docx for some time without problems. However, the font in the compiled copy is Courier, and I would like Times New Roman. Is there a way to change this in the settings? Thanks.

I’m disappointed. Does the lack of replies mean that this is not possible? I’d really appreciate some info.

The relevant settings can be found in the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane.

See Section 23.8 in the (Windows) Scrivener manual for more information.


As the mod has pointed out. The way to set the font is clearly shown in the tutorial and in the online help found on the menu within Scrivener which explains it just as clearly as someone trying to post the info. Probably for that reason no one has posted the information you already have. Set the font within your project and don’t override it, or set in when you compile.

Thanks, folks. I appreciate the pointer to the documentation.