Customize spelling correction to stop flagging contractions?

Is there any way to customize the spelling correction so it’ll stop flagging contractions? Although I can tell it to learn a new spelling for each contraction, or to ignore it, there are endless possibilities with contraction and doing that for all of them would be impossible. If there’s a way to simply set spelling check to stop flagging contractions, that would be the best solution.

Hello Luna,
Which contractions does it flag up for correction. Just a couple as an example. I had a hard drive failure and have just re-installed the bog standard Scrivener Windows and as yet have made no custom changes. As it is, it does not flag up any commonly used contractions i.e. There’s, don’t, it’s, won’t, shan’t, couldn’t ect. So wonder why you are getting this?

I checked, and it’s contractions involving some nouns and proper nouns that are being flagged. It seems some common nouns don’t get flagged, while others do. For example:

The dog’s owner had disappeared. (“dog’s” does not get flagged)

The military’s budget dwindled this year. (“military’s” will get flagged)

Very common names will not get flagged, but less common names will get flagged. For example:

Johnson’s daughter was my classmate. ("Johnson’s does not get flagged)

Svjetlana’s son is my boss (“Svjetlana’s” gets flagged, even though that name has been added to “learn spelling.”)

Some common acronyms don’t get flagged, some do. For example:

NASA’s introduced a new training program. (“NASA’s” does not get flagged)

FBI’s track record is spotty at best. (“FBI’s” gets flagged)