Customized fonts don't work

Under Options -> Appearance -> Fonts, I changed the font for Document Notes from Courier 12 to Tahoma 11, and that section of the Inspector is still showing up in Courier 12. I’ve tried hitting Apply, changing the font, resetting to default, and changing again, and even though the Options pane says “Tahoma 11”, it’s still Courier 12 in the Document Notes. Is this not supposed to be the section affected by this part of the Appearance Options, or is this a bug?

The notes are a rich text area, so changing the font in the default options doesn’t affect notes for existing documents. New notes you create should use your new default font, however. If you create a new document in the binder and then type in its notes area, do you get the proper Tahoma 11 font?

Just tested, and yes, it does appear in the proper font in new documents. I had already made and started all of the sections I wanted by the time I tried to change the font, so this never occurred to me. Thank you.

Now if I could just get the current doc notes to change to the font I want without having to completely remake that section. xX

Format > Font > Copy/Paste Font might help fix them quickly.