Customizing anything in the outliner creates ridiculous lag

I was customzing what columns to show in the outliner, and anything I do takes forever and creates lags that last several seconds or longer. But then after playing around with outliner customization for a while, it seemed to speed up to just a couple of seconds.

Doesn’t sound right. The lag in my outliner is nearly instantaneous. Blink, it’s added. The first one, as Scrivener reads the project, may take longer. In a project where the manuscript is over 160k words, that first added field takes maybe 2 seconds. The rest, nearly instant.

However, I’m using an AMD Ryzen 1600, 16 GB of RAM, and hundreds of Gigs of empty drive space.

But even on my older laptop, it hasn’t been so slow as several seconds each change for a while (that’s an i7 3630 Toshiba with 8 GB of RAM, with Scrivener running on Wine in Linux).

Couple of natural questions: is this a fresh install of Beta 12?
Is something else hogging your CPU or your memory?
And how fast is your computer?

Beta 12 seems relatively efficient in terms of processor speeds, but really old machines might have issues. My laptop is over 7 years old, though, and it handles Beta 12 fairly well.

I’m running Windows 10 64 bit, overclocked i5 2500K at 4.4 Ghz, 16 GB of RAM, SSD drive for OS that’s less than half full, so it’s a fairly fast system. I do professional photo and video editing and concept art on it just fine.

The beta install probably isn’t a fresh one, since I had no reason to go and uninstall a previous beta as that was never asked of me during the install process. (If it was, I didn’t notice it.)

Hi Lunatique,

The beta install instructions at the download post do advise to uninstall previous betas before installing.

It’s impossible to say whether update in place is causing your issue, but I’ve seen a number of posts where a complete uninstall and doing a fresh install of the beta corrected the poster’s complaint.