Customizing certain chapter titles?

I’ve added the first four chapters of a different novel to my Back Matter. When compiling, the chapter titles continue on from the main novel. So instead of Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, they are titled Chapter 22, 23, 24, 25.

Is there a way I can retitle them without altering the main contents? Here’s a screenshot of my Compile page:

I believe there is a way to do that. In the folder “Killing time in Tokyo”, you can add text to the folder, where you can add a special “reset” code for the chapter numbering.

First, in the dialogue you show in your screenshot, click on the “section layout” button to discover the chapter numbering “token” is; it’ll be something like <$n>. Make a note of that.

Then go to the Help menu, and choose the “placeholder tokens” or whatever that menu item is named. That will bring up a floating window. What you want to do is look for the compile-time tokens, looking for how you reset automatic numbering tokens.

Finally, and this is the part I’m not sure will work, go to the folder in your binder that contains the chapters you want to start over number from 1. In the text area of that folder (folders can be ‘written on’ the same as documents can), add the reset code for your chapter number scheme. If all goes well, that will start the following chapter over at #1.

Sorry I can’t get more specific than that at the moment, but hopefully you’ll be able to puzzle it out.

redale–Thanks for this info.

I checked it out and found a similar explanation in the Scrivener Placeholders section.

I nested the four chapters into the Killing Time folder then inserted <$title> (as described in the Scrivener Help section) into the folder but the four chapter titles didn’t change. But it did ADD a second unwanted Killing Time title

I then tried inserting my original chapter title <Chapter*<$n:chapter> (Note, I’ve used an asterisk in place of dot placed mid-height). That didn’t work either; the chapters numbers remain unchanged. I also lost my “Chapter” in the titles–so now just numbers in the ToC and in individual chapter titles. The latter problem seems to be because I lack the dot/period at mid-height where the * is in my above explanation. I’m blowed if I can remember or figure out how to key in such a dot at mid-height.

So three problems now: an unwanted second Killin Time title; a loss of “Chapters;” and no luck chaning the four chapters in the Killing Time folder.

Any more suggestions, please?

You can remove the <$title> from the chapter folder. What I’m talking about is something like “<$rst_n>” or maybe “<$rst:n>” where “n” is the letter you found that was inserting the number 22 instead of 1.

I recommend undoing the changes you already made to both the compile settings and to your chapter’s text area, so that you get what you used to get. If you haven’t done any compile customizations previously, you can re-choose the “compile preset” that seems most applicable, such as “Paperback novel”.

Once you have everything back the way it was, in the “killing time” folder’s text area, just insert the reset code for the chapter numbering token, and nothing else. The idea is that the compile process will read that in, after auto-numbering all the chapters before it, and reset the numbering for your Killing Time chapters, using the existing compile settings.