customizing chapter titles

I am writing a novel narrated in the POVs of three characters. I want my novel’s chapters to be titled according to the character POV it is narrated in.

Is there a way to keep my text file title but have it output differently upon compile?

I want to keep my text file titled “Day in the park” (for my benefit) but when compiling, I want to tell Scrivener to ignore “Day in the park” and output as “Beloved,” one of the novel’s narrators. Thanks.

I did try using labels in Project > Meta-Data Settings) but as you can see, it did not render the actual title I was intending. Thanks.

It doesn’t look like label metadata is available in the placeholder tags on Windows (see appendix D of the manual). The Project->Metadata settings isn’t where you’d set titles for individual chapters anyway.

My advice is that you’re going to need to put the POV character name in the main text (just type it out–no placeholders). You can then select it and use Format->Formatting->Preserver Formatting to keep it centered while allowing your compile settings to alter font & paragraph on the rest of the compiled document.

To supress the binder name of your chapters, go to the “Formatting” section of the compile window, and un-check the “Title” checkbox that corresponds to your chapters documents in the binder. Clicking on each of those lines will highlight the relevant binder documents that the line affects, so be sure part of your manuscript is visible before using File->Compile.

Thank you very much for the information. I suspected I would need to insert POV into the text. I did this and am not going to pursue the solution I thought would streamline the process. Thanks again for your tips!