Customizing headers: adding multiple lines

Is there a way to have multiple lines on a header during Compile?

For instance, I would like the top left of every page to carry:
Project Title
Draft number

I thought perhaps I could create a separate text file carrying this information, and then use the <$include:Filename> placeholder on the Header customization in Project Templates, but that doesn’t seem to work.

To enter a carriage return in the header fields use option-return. (Note that some output formats may not accept header specifications. PDF format does, so this is a good test case.)

Anyone know if that option exists in V3-Windows? (and what the key combo for a carriage return is). Thanks

The key combination for a CR doesn’t work in some places (ex:page settings\header-footer).
Copy it from the editor, then paste it where wanted.
Otherwise ctrl-return = CR (Windows)
Shift-return = line break

Works. Smart. Thank you.

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