Customizing or expanding the notes area to include fields for other important info

I make tremendous use of the synopsis and notes area - I usually don’t even click on the other tabs, because when I’m writing - I want to see the synopsis (obviously) and any special notes I need. But there are a few other really important things I need to keep in front of me and tracking as I write.

  1. scene POV - extremely important to see that as a reminder.
  2. scene setting.
  3. characters included in scene.- if you have ever decided to edit a character out, tracking this is invaluable.

Now I could jam all this information into the notes field, but it looks messy and inconsistent, Now this information is important and should be considered more than just notes. I could also create meta-data field, but that means I have to toggle the window back and forth, and you don’t do that when your in a full on- writing mindset.

So how hard would it be to add a little more tracking capabilities within the notes fields? Or just allow you to bring the customized metadata fields to the synopsis and notes tab?

How does everyone else keep track of these three items in Scrivener? It would seem to me this is pretty essential writing information and Scriver is supposed to be the premier novel writing tool.

So any thoughts, or is this not a valuable feature request?

A lot of people track POV via labels—which are always displayed (at least in the Mac version :wink: ) at the bottom of the inspector. You could also use Status, also at the bottom of the Inspector, for this purpose if you wished. (I don’t do this—but that’s because so far I’ve only written first-person POV fiction. If I did have multiple POVs I would totally use labels.)

Many people track characters via keywords—I’ve done so and it works OK if I actually remember to assign them (ADHD here, so this is spotty in my projects… :wink:) I’ve tracked settings and dates via custom meta-data (ideal if you use Aeon Timeline, as I do.)

Yeah, having some of this stuff in one inspector pane might be nice, but honestly I’m pretty inconsistent about tracking it at all, so my opinion should be heavily discounted.