Customizing text and highlighting colors menu?

I would love to be able to customize the text and highlighting menu color choices in the right-click menu, because the default colors don’t really work well with my GUI customization, and in order to access any custom colors I created, I’d have to click on “More” for the color-picker, which is not ideal. Also, can we please have the option to place the text and highlighting color tools right on the text editor itself like conventional word processors? Having to right-click constantly to access those tools is kind of clunky.

You can add Text Color and Highlight to the Toolbar by customizing it.

Tools -> Customize Toolbars, select Text Color/Highlight and move them over to the Toolbar with the arrows and arrange where you want them.

Thanks! I had forgotten about the toolbar customization. Now if I could just customize the colors in the color selection menu too instead of having to open up the color picker all the time, that would be super.