Customizing Text Styles


I’m very new to Scrivener (actually I’m still in trial mode) and I’m trying to figure out how to use the Main Text Styles.

Each time I edit one of them in terms of fonts this setting resets all other styles. Basically I couldn’t find any way to make the Headings and Body use different fonts. Is there a solution?



I may not be understanding what it is you are using, because the closest thing to styles in this program is something we call “Formatting Presets”. If you set up some text in your editor, you can then put your cursor anywhere in that text and use the Format/Formatting/Redefine Preset from Selection/ sub-menu to load up the settings for a particular preset and apply the current formatting to it. So in that settings sheet, you should see two checkboxes for fonts. If those are set, then the current font will be saved into the preset, otherwise only the other attributes will be saved. This way you could make a body style that sets up indents, line spacing and paragraph spacing, but work with whatever font you’ve already chosen.