Customizing the Binder

Hi Keith,

This might be a suitable candidate for an FAQ.

How do I customize the Binder list, so I can change it as I feel I want it for my projects?

For example I want to use the following list as a Default list for all Projects, not just a single project where I can enter them one at a time using the + function at the bottom of the Binder Panel.

Chapters (instead of Drafts)
Characters (instead of People)

You can’t. :slight_smile: If you really want to do this, I would suggest that you create an empty project, set it up as you wish and then save it somewhere as a template project. Then just copy it whenever you want to create a new project with these settings.

“Template” project files like this are also useful if you have a set of colour labels and status settings that you always use.


Such an easy solution.


Got to love Scrivener.