Customizing the Editor - no style VS creating manuscript style and a margins question

Question on how others work in Scrivener. I like viewing my Editor in standard manuscript format while writing. In version 3 is it best to set preferences such that “main text editing for new documents” is how I like it (New Roman, 12 pt, double space, etc) and thus use “no style” throughout, OR is it better practice to create a manuscript style and apply throughout?

I am still getting used to styles and how they are preserved or overridden in compile and wonder if there is a pro or con for either approach.

Also, if working in the Editor NOT in page view, where should you set the margins on the ruler if your page set up has one inch margins? Do you set the margins on the ruler at 0 & 6.5" knowing that zero is really 1 on the page, or do you set the margins at 1 &7.5"?Are these ruler settings just for how you view the text in the Editor and not impact how the document is printed or compiled?

I don’t set a ruler at all and have Menlo 14 as my writing font because I like that, and mostlynuse No style throughoutthe text.
The beauty of Scrivener is that I don’t have to bother about the final output until it’s time for that, and then I often create both epub, mobi, pdf and Word output, for various ways of delivering the text.

“Best practice” is to only apply styles to text with some kind of unique formatting. Most of your text should not have an applied style. This will significantly simplify things when you’re ready to assemble the final manuscript.

The Page Setup settings that you define in the Editor will be used as the default page size by the Compile command, and will also be used for anything that you print directly from the Editor. Like Lunk, I don’t bother configuring a Ruler in the Editor.


There are many things Scrivener can do. KB says there’s n one way to use it and to completely avoid any feature you like or use them as you please. There’s no best practice for writing but what works for you

Thanks all.

Even though I knew that the Editor view and how the text is Compiled are independent, I think I reflexively assumed that margins as seen in the Editor on the Ruler DID effect output. It helps to know they do not.