Customizing the text in the binder

The text in the binder is partly customizable: font type and font size can be chosen as one wishes.

But italics, bold face, underlinings etc. are still not possible in the binder. Would it be an idea to make this possible in a future version of Scrivener?

2.0 allows you to use the font panel to choose the font, so you can choose italics and bod etc if you want. And you can even choose just to embolden or italicise folders. But you won’t be able to choose the font of individual documents, of course - the font will still be global.
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2.0 is surely going to be a milestone in the computerized part of my existence!

Thanks, Keith!


I would find italics or bold applied to single document names very useful. Italicized names could mean “to be revised, but less important for now”, bold could mean “needs heavy rework, NOW!”.

Even colors could find a place: grey could mean “do not think to this now”, while red could mean “this is very urgent”. And so on.

If there is place for them, I would find a use for fonts and colors in individual document names.


Paolo - I’m afraid that’s not going to happen - that would be very complicated, sorry. :slight_smile: