Customizing the Title Page


I’m quite new to Scrivener, but thanks to Huw Evans guide, I finally got up and running today after spending most of the week lost in the black arts of Scrivener & MMD3.

So now I’m trying to get the title page and subsequent contents for a conference paper right. I initially tried setting Base Header Level to 3, which I assumed would exclude parts and chapters. But this didn’t generate a title page. So I set BHL to 1, which generated a title page with three problems:

  1. The format of the page is not quite right. The date is not centered around the same axis as the title & affiliation. The copyright comes right under the date rather than at the bottom of the page. The first page has a page number.
  2. The sections of the paper are treated as parts. Which is pretty silly for short, paragraph-length sections.
  3. The usual style of repeating the title and including an abstract on the page immediately after the title page (i.e., the first page of contanet) is not happening.

So I looked at the Memoir class documentation, and there are whole chapters on these issues. But they all require hacking LaTeX. I thought the whole idea of using MMD w/ Scrivener is to avoid this.

So what does one do?


You need to change the Latex configuration to use the article sub-class within the memoir class.

The simplest way to achieve this is to call different MMD tex files in the metadata. Replace:

  • mmd-memoir-header.tex with mmd-article-header.tex
  • mmd-memior-begin-doc.tex with mmd-article-begin-doc.tex

That should give you an article, rather than a book.

Sorry, I’ve tried this, and I’m still getting inconsistent centering, Parts instead of headings, numbers on the first page, etc.

Just a bit of a left-field question here, but are you using Scrivener documents to generate the title page and such? That is typically handled by LaTeX, based on the meta-data you feed it (Title, Author, Date). You don’t need to create and layout a title page document in the draft like one would with the word processor workflow.

Nah. I’m counting on the metadata and setting Base Header Level = 1 to generate a title page.

Okay, just checking because base header level shouldn’t impact the title page at all. That’s a single line of code in most of the .tex documents, \maketitle, using any meta-data you feed it prior to calling that macro. The base header level setting should only be impacting the mapping between what “#” is, as you posted earlier. “#” is a part in the default memoir book output, but with a setting of 2 it would be a chapter, and 3 a section.

Could you paste the actual .tex that you are getting up to the \being{document} line, along with your MMD meta-data block?

Well, the problem I was having was due to the fact that \maketitle does not allow for all the things I wanted on my title page. I suppose I could have redefined \maketitle, but instead I followed the suggestion in the Memoir Users Guide and hand-crafted my own title page. Now I can include metadata in Scrivener and customize the title page.

If people would like to discuss, or even see what I did, please let me know.

That’s what I ended up doing as well for the user manual. I wanted to integrate the copyright info and had no need for an author line, so I just put together a custom page. I got the basic design from somewhere else, I don’t recall where now, and just went off of it from there.